Our Products

  • #1 Hand Towel

    #1 Hand Towel

    Solid towel, excellent restaurant / bar towel, highly absorbent. Very durable, will take several washings.

  • #1 White Polo

    #1 White Polo

    Soft and absorbant. Ideal for polishing, use with chemicals. Perfect for auto body shops & wood staining.

  • Color Sweatshirt

    Color Sweatshirt

    Great for heavy duty jobs where a thicker rag is needed. Auto Shops, machine shops and manufacturing facilities.

  • Color Polo

    Color Polo

    Soft and absorbant. Ideal for polishing, use with chemicals. Perfect for auto body shops & wood staining.

  • Grey / White Sweatshirt

    Grey / White Sweatshirt

    More absorbent than T-Shirt material. Great for wiping oil and grease. Popular with service stations and machine shops.

  • #2 White Polo Reclaimed

    #2 White Polo Reclaimed

    All purpose soft and durable. Highly absorbent, low lint rag ideal for water, oil, grease or paint spills and clean ups.

  • Color Flannel Reclaimed

    Color Flannel Reclaimed

    Very popular general purpose wiper where "softness" is a requirement. Mostly cotton. Free from buttons, zippers, & snaps.

  • Special Flannel Reclaimed

    Special Flannel Reclaimed

    Very soft, non-abrasive & absorbant. Mostly shirting. Mostly cotton. Free from buttons, zippers, & snaps.

  • Special 'T' Reclaimed

    Special 'T' Reclaimed

    "T" rags are ideal for many industrial wiping applications including manufacturing, oil and grease, general wiping, and more.

  • Bath Blanket Reclaimed

    Bath Blanket Reclaimed

    Very soft, but are not lint-free. Popular wiper in the janitorial industry for cleaning as well as in auto body shops.

  • Terry Washcloth Reclaimed

    Terry Washcloth Reclaimed

    These are ideal for general cleaning and wiping smaller surface areas. Very absorbent. Many pieces per pound.

  • Blue Huck Towel Reclaimed

    Blue Huck Towel Reclaimed

    Also known as surgical towels, these towels are 100% cotton, low lint and pre-washed. Very strong and absorbent.

  • Color Thermal Reclaimed

    Color Thermal Reclaimed

    A great wiper for heavy duty cleaning and polishing. Medium lint, 100% cotton, medium to heavy weight. Very absorbent.

  • #2 Half Terry Towel

    #2 Half Terry Towel

    Economical half cut terry towels. Great for spas, bars and restaurants. Works well with solvents. Many pieces per pound.

  • White Sheeting Reclaimed

    White Sheeting Reclaimed

    Recycled bed sheets and pillow cases, laundered. Cut into generous sizes. Very economical. Very absorbent. Minimal lint.

  • White Thermal Reclaimed

    White Thermal New Material

    Made of heavy duty cotton blanket material. Very absorbent. Good for staining, automotive collision shops.

  • White Huck Towel Reclaimed

    White Huck Towel Reclaimed

    Huck towels are lint free, 100% cotton, and very durable. Ideal for car care, window & glass cleaning, janitorial cleaning.

  • White Diaper Reclaimed

    White Diaper Reclaimed

    Pre-washed for maximum absorbency. Super soft recycled diapers are made of 100 percent cotton. Machine washable.

  • 10lb. 25lb. & 50lb. Boxes

    10lb. 25lb. & 50lb. Boxes

    We have 10lb., 25lb., and 50lb. boxes of your favorite types of rags and wipers. Always in stock and ready for delivery.

  • 250lb Bale of Rags In Stock

    250lb. Bales of Rags In Stock

    Need larger quantities? We've got you covered! We have 250lb. bales in stock, ready for delivery. Best prices!

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